Services and Programs

Services and Programs

Building Baja's Future (BBF) provides the following programs:

Financial assistance.

Scholars who meet our eligibility criteria and are accepted into our program are awarded a scholarship for 100% of their college tuition. BBF scholars are responsible for purchasing books, school supplies, and other expenses. In cases of extreme need, BBF will help look for other means of support outside of our core programs.

Community service.

Each of our scholars is required to contribute to the community. BBF will help scholars to fulfill their community service obligations by identifying worthy volunteering opportunities.

English classes.

All scholars must attend weekly English classes provided by BBF.

Reading and writing comprehension sessions.

Comprehension sessions are available to strengthen reading and writing skills. Experts are made available to help support the scholar's learning experience.

Coursework in the Humanities.

Scholars receive education and instruction in logic, aesthetics, and philosophy. Scholars can attend lectures from various professionals, experts, and inspirational speakers who share knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Swimming lessons.

Although Baja is on the coast, and many of our scholars grew up near the beach, many don't know how to swim. Some never have enjoyed the gift of swimming in the ocean. We want our scholars to learn how to swim, to simply experience what many people take for granted.

Health and medical care, including yoga classes.

BBF scholars have access to a number of classes and opportunities that help them to become healthy adults.

Work internships and work opportunities.

BBF assists its scholars in finding suitable work opportunities.

Social and life skills activities.

A variety of events are organized by the scholars and by BBF. These events include a film club, social events, group seminars, and discussions. Seminars cover a variety of topics including self-esteem, health care, financial planning and career opportunities.

Core Values Program (Teleton Series)

This a structured program developed by Televisa/Teletón that promotes moral values. First year scholars work on and study personal values. Second year scholars work on family values, and in the third year, scholars study national values.

Special Programs for a Special Group of Scholars

CADE Program.

This is a program for individuals who possess different learning abilities and capabilities and is geared toward technical skills and schooling.

Vocational counseling and victims support.

The scholars have professional counseling available in case of vocational conflicts or critical situations where their emotional or physical integrity might be threatened or put at risk.


Personal tutoring is available for scholars needing assistance and instruction in their courses.

Programs for the Baja Community

Second Step Program.

This is a Violence Prevention Curriculum that BBF offers to local public and private teachers to provide them with tools and an understanding of the Second Step method.

Community group cooperation.

BBF seeks ways to amplify the impact of our programs through cooperation with other organizations and the community.

Educational seminars and conferences.

We offer learning opportunities for parents, high school students, university students, and BBF scholars.