Our Story


Building Baja's Future (BBF) is a nonprofit organization based in Baja California Sur, Mexico. BBF is a world-class organization committed to helping educate bright, ambitious teenagers determined to overcome limited opportunities to reach their full potential as individuals and become community leaders. BBF is also a nonprofit corporation incorporated in California. These designations allow BBF to grow through the support of its friends and supporters.

BBF awards deserving young men and women scholarships for their college education. With BBF, young scholars also gain access to well-rounded programs where their talents are recognized, nurtured, and strengthened.

BBF believes that by providing opportunities through education, it helps improve the quality of life of its students. BBF's work ultimately helps students understand and apply the enlightening and life-changing possibilities of higher education.

Building Baja's Future (BBF) does more than provide college scholarship aid to economically-challenged students. BBF also work to identify areas of life and learning that some of its scholars missed out on at home or at school.