The BBF Tree of Life

The BBF Tree of Life

In eight critical areas, what we call the BBF Tree of Life, our students receive the support and assistance they need to grow into whole and conscientious individuals.

Current Technology

We help our students understand and work with new technology and software. Many students have not had adequate exposure or training in current technologies.

Economic Assistance

Too many of our students struggle financially. To thrive in school, they will need more from us than academic scholarships. That's why BBF offers help with transportation, housing, seminars, books and school supplies.

Artistic Expression

BBF offers classes in corporal expression, dance and other forms of self-expression to help them become fully-rounded individuals.

Emotional Help

Our students know that they will receive the support they need as they negotiate new terrain, work to solve difficult problems or meet new and unique challenges.

Health Assistance and Physical Activity

We offer yoga classes, swimming lessons, and we provide medical assistance if needed.

Psychological Help

Counseling and therapy is available for our students when needed. This time of life brings with it many challenges. Some emanate from home and family, sometimes from school. Whether problems are rooted in the present or the past, we support and help our scholars so that they may thrive.

Cultural Life

Our students attend concerts and performances, where they are exposed to the arts and learn about the important role that the arts play in our society.

Social Life

A full life includes social activities. Our scholars attend parties, take outings, field trips and go camping. Together we celebrate birthdays and accomplishments.